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Secure Document Management with Workflow and Forensics

Avidian’s ultra secure cloud-based solutions address the issue of data security to remove a significant barrier in the adoption of an aggressive cloud strategy. Avidian’s solutions are ideal for any organization that must meet high regulatory standards (such as HIPAA, SOX and GLBA) regarding data privacy and documentation

Document Management System

A Document Management System (DMS) needs to provide an infrastructure that is systematically organizes the vast amount of data (not just documents) pouring into a company; provides forensic monitoring of the 3-W’s (who, what and when) regarding each document especially for compliance-driven organizations; incorporates a powerful workflow engine to drive productivity and approval; and allows for seamless file sharing from within and outside the company which is as easy as “Drag and Drop”.

The days of keeping rooms filled with file cabinets are coming to a close with more and more people working remote, companies looking to become more efficient and government regulations pushing for the digitizing of files in many industries. DocuWorks is the only DMS solution on the market that can address all of these key requirements while being protected in an above military-grade secure platform. Our DMS solution can be deployed as a stand alone offering or as an integrated solution with our CRM, Social Business, Web-Conferencing and/or Security modules.


Effortless Document Management

Seamlessly upload, organize, and access documents from anywhere with our intuitive cloud-based
document management system.

Advanced Search Techniques and Tag Clouds

Advanced Search Techniques and Tag Clouds to assign a Document ID and Meta-Tag
to each document for easy access. Search based on criteria or key words.
Manage saved searches and index new documents in a unique user specific
Dropped Document Folder.

Advance Forensic Monitoring

Allows for Version Control and Transaction History at the document level that allows the document owner to audit who touched a specific document, what modifications, if any, were made and at what specific time was the document affected..

Document and User Access Control

Supporting copy, move, archive, delete and change ownership of documents and folders. Bulk Upload and Download features allow you to transfer and exchange large folders and files. Delegated Management and Permission rights provide access control for all users and groups

Folder Access and Exchange

Allows for the viewing, uploading and downloading of documents and folders.

Work-Flow and Collaborate

Work-Flow and Collaborate for creating Discussions and Workflow Documents between users. Checkout the document for personal review and editing, or sequence individuals to review and edit documents.


Synchronization to establish automatic or on-demand links between your local device and remote directories (& vice versa). Also, synchronize to Google Docs and Amazon Cloudfront.

Advance Drag and Drop

Allows for the transferring of files between servers, your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone using easily accessible bookmarks. The owner is notified each time a document is moved into the owner’s folder via email..

Advance Optical Character Read

To search on hand-written notes or comments on the margins of documents.

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